Thousands of South Africans are finally waking up to the little-known benefits of life insurance

South Africans without life insurance could leave their families financially vulnerable.

Many South Africans without life insurance policies could potentially expose their families to worrying financial problems if they pass away.

Thousands of families across the country are at risk of being left behind with the enormous financial burden of mortgage repayments, child care costs and living expenses.

Particularly at risk are the families that rely on just one income, who may not be prepared if the principal breadwinner passes away – and there’s very little support from the government available.

Given the peace of mind and security that life insurance provides, it’s no wonder that more and more people are looking to find the right plan for their family.

Unfortunately, Life Insurance policies have strict criteria. To qualify, you must be:

  1. Under 65
  2. A South African citizen
  3. Currently employed

New life insurance gives you the power of choice

In the past, life insurance was generally a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Policies typically offered a set payout for a set price. They did their job, but may not be flexible enough to cater for a 21st century family.

Thankfully, life insurance providers have realised this and now offer a range of different options, such as:

  1. Varying term lengths, to suit your needs and budget.
  2. Plans that cover critical illness and disability, often offering a lump sum payment.
  3. Salary protection, which typically replaces up to 75% of your monthly income while you are unable to work.
  4. Accidental cover, for those that only wish to be covered in case of an accident.

There is no way to insure against the emotional toil of grief, but it is possible and easy to take away the financial stress.

Peace of Mind For The Whole Family

People put off getting insurance for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is fear about the price. Given that the payout can be generous, people might think they can’t afford to set the money aside when there are bills to be paid and children to be looked after.

Luckily, today life insurance can be accessible to all. Various plans are available to suit your needs and prepare for your family’s future.

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