What Is Private Medical Insurance?

Private medical insurance is a type of insurance coverage that provides individuals with access to private healthcare services and facilities.

Plans can be tailored to your specific needs.

One of the big advantages of private medical insurance is that it can lead to shorter waiting times for medical treatments and procedures compared to public healthcare systems. This can be particularly advantageous when timely access to healthcare is crucial.

More people switch to private health insurance

There are now many options for Private Medical Insurance across the UK. It’s important when considering which policy to go with to ensure it covers everything you want and has excellent customer service at the point of claim.

Choosing your private medical coverage can be simple and you can do it from home. More and more Brits are benefitting from these advantages, some of which include:

  • Quick claims service with access to medically trained nurses.
  • Mid-range and comprehensive policies which will pay for In-patient, Day-patient and Out-patient treatment.
  • 24/hr Private GP Access through a virtual GP service.
  • Excellent hospital list throughout the UK.
  • 1,000s of medical specialists covering all areas of medical expertise.
  • Full range of excess options.
  • Multiple cover options.

What can private medical insurance offer me?

With NHS waiting lists getting longer it’s no wonder people are turning to private medical insurance.

Private Medical Insurance helps you cover the cost of your medical expenses and allows you to obtain personalised coverage for different aspects related to your health in an affordable way.

There are different plans adapted to your needs.

Private medical insurance offers you the peace of mind of being able to fund more immediate care, and thus avoid a possible worsening of your health. Private medical care can help avoid long waiting lists and help you to receive top-level care.

Excellent Private Medical Insurance

From Policy To Point Of Claim

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