Approaching retirement? Our pension is even more important to us at this age. But, navigating the complex world of pensions can be challenging.

Without financial expertise, it can be challenging to determine what’s suitable for our needs, especially without the help of an experienced pension advisor.

Selecting the right retirement option is crucial. Seeking advice can help secure the best pension income for your circumstances.

Given the uncertainty in financial markets, now might be a great time to get professional financial advice.

Why Now?

Knowing what to do with your pension may be tough at the moment.

In a bid to tackle high inflation, the UK government increased interest rates consistently throughout 2022-2023 which in turn disrupted equity and bond markets. Typically, when interest is high, bonds become less valuable and earn less interest. This can directly affect pensions and the choices that need to be made about retirement.

Thankfully, help is on hand. Experts In Money has partnered with a leading pension advisory service, that could help you compare some of the best available options for your pension requirements.

Independent pension advice tailored to you

Make the most of your pension savings, whether retirement is coming now or in the future.

About Experts in Money

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